Energy Investing

The next decade is going to present a number of challenges for companies in the energy sector. By mid-decade, the demand for crude oil could peak. Not because of lack of supply… but because renewables are becoming so cheap. It will be a big disruption for the energy markets. However, there are still plenty of profitable energy companies in the oil and gas sector. We’ll focus on all of them here.

Energy Stocks

The Energy Disruption Triangle: Prepare for the Revolution

Three elements are disrupting the way we generate, use and store electricity.

Electric Vehicles

Tesla Secures Top Three Best-Selling EV Spots in U.S. for 2018

Tesla is a pioneering game changer in the world of EVs. Here’s how it fared in 2018.

Oil and Gas

U.S. LNG Investing: Two Ways to Play the Boom

The U.S. should become energy independent within a decade. Natural gas will play a big role in that story.

Energy Stocks

Save Nuclear Power With National Incentive Policy

Nuclear energy’s importance to America’s clean energy mix needs to be recognized and rewarded.

Energy Stocks

Trump Reverses Obama-Era Climate Regulation, Pushes Coal Agenda

Trump and his “coal cronies” say nothing will get in the way of building new coal-fired power plants here in the U.S.

Electric Vehicles

Volkswagen, Ford, BMW Give Tesla a Run for Its Money

Tesla’s Model 3 has lit a fire under its high-powered competitors.

Renewable Energy

Energy Efficiency Emerges as Power Source in U.S.

This energy-saving trend is playing out all over the U.S. today.

Oil and Gas

Where Is the Price of Crude Headed?

Crude prices are now well into correction territory. What’s next?

Electric Vehicles

China Disrupts Transportation With EVs, Buses and Scooters

When it comes to electric transportation, China is racing ahead while the rest of the world is at the starting gate.

Electric Vehicles

Don’t Give Up on Tesla, Musk and Electric Vehicles

Even with its limited production so far, the Tesla Model 3 is the best-selling EV on the planet.