Articles by Matthew Carr

Pot Stock Buying Opportunities Ranked by Price-to-Sales Ratio

As always, we’re on the hunt for the best bargains in the cannabis industry – especially in the aftermath of a sell-off.

New Pot Stock Index Launches

Americans are buying pre-rolls as much as they’re buying Quesaritos and Beefy Fritos Burritos.

Cronos, GW Pharma and Other Cannabis Companies Report Earnings

Earnings season for cannabis companies is the root cause of volatility right now.

A Low-Risk Marijuana Play That Pays Dividends

Cannabis investors don’t have to miss out on dividend-paying opportunities.

What Is the Correct Dosing Range for Medical Cannabis?

This week, our guest is Dr. Theodore Search, a member of the Medical Advisory Board for the metered-dose inhaler company Gofire.

Medical vs. Recreational Cannabis: Where Should I Invest?

Increasing your exposure to a variety of companies gives you the best chance to profit.

Consumption Lounges Approved in Las Vegas and Colorado

Dispensaries, hotels, restaurants and other businesses will soon be able to apply for social-use licenses.

Medical Cannabis for Pets Is a Real Option

Learn more about the science behind using cannabis to treat your pet.

Job Opportunities in Cannabis Are Growing

As pot rapidly expands across the U.S., budtenders are becoming the new baristas.

Alabama Senate Committee Approves Legalizing Medical Cannabis

With each passing week, the U.S. moves closer to entering a post-prohibition era.